Don Jones,
author of the stories of witchkind

I’m Don Jones. I’ve been a technology author and presenter since the late 1990s. In the late 2010s, I finally took the plunge and started writing some of the fantasy and science fiction stories that were in my head. The world of witchkind came to me — no kidding — in a dream. Fully-realized, just waiting for me to start writing it down.


Introduced in Daniel Scratch, the world of witchkind seems a bit like our own world, perhaps at the start of the industrial revolution. Their world has humans just like us, but living amongst — and yet apart from — them are the people of witchkind. Able to harness the powers of nature and magic, witchkind lives mostly in the nooks and crannies of the human world, fearing that being discovered will lead to a return of the Hunts, a time when witchkind were persecuted almost to extinction.

The world of witchkind is as varied as our own. There are stories both grand and small, people both brave and petty, and times both mundane and awesome.

And the world of witchkind holds a secret. One you’ll discover through its stories and its people, one tantalizing layer at a time.