“The Fifth Axis” Released; Next Trilogy of Witchkind Announced

Don Jones’ The Fifth Axis: a story of witchkind is now available for order on Amazon! The book is available for Kindle readers, and it included in Kindle Unlimited. A paperback edition will be released soon.

In addition, the next trilogy of witchkind—set some 200 years after Daniel Scratch’s life—has been announced! Check out the home page of witchkind.com for a sneak peek at the first book, as well as covers for the entire trilogy. These new, full-length novels will be released throughout 2021.

Finally, in non-witchkind news, Don Jones has completed the manuscript for Endless Sky®: Truthsayer, a science-fiction LitRPG novel to be published by Level Up! Publishing.

Published by Don Jones

Don Jones is a renowned technology author and keynote speaker, and has authored a growing list of fantasy and science fiction novels.