“Master of the Tower, a story of witchkind” Now Available for Preorder

Master of the Tower, the exciting sequel to Daniel Scratch, is now available for preorder in Kindle format on Amazon. Paperbacks will follow after the Kindle release, and an audiobook is slated for 2021.

After two decades as the sole adherent of the powerful Sixth Axis, Daniel has truly become the Master of the Tower of Endings. He’s been more active in witchkind society than some of his predecessors, which is why the great Council of witchkind summons him: there have been a string of abductions in the smaller hamlets, with many elderly witchkind vanishing without a trace. Those small little hamlets are also reporting waves of fatigue striking down only witchkind—never the humans they live alongside. Daniel agrees to investigate, and is quickly thrown into a continent-spanning conspiracy. Although he’s mastered the powers of the Axis of Endings, Daniel will now have to master parts of witchkind society that are completely foreign to him: clan alliances, relationships with the rich and powerful, and possibly even romance. 

Published by Don Jones

Don Jones is a renowned technology author and keynote speaker, and has authored a growing list of fantasy and science fiction novels.